Meet the Justisons

Our family arrived in Mango in January 2016 to serve through the ministries of radio and healthcare. Things haven’t always gone according to our┬áplan, but our faith has both grown and stretched beyond what we could have imagined.

Andy graduated from Vincennes University with a degree in broadcasting. He has experience working in television, radio, and telecommunications. He arrived in Mango and helped see the construction of Hope Radio & Ministry Center come to completion. He now works with our Togolese employees to record, edit, and broadcast over 30 programs in 6 different local languages. He also has one-on-one discipleship meetings and is planning a chess club outreach ministry.

Amanda is a nurse with a degree from Anderson University. She has a background in hospital, clinic, and public health nursing. She is involved in launching a Community Health Education/Evangelism team from Mango, teaching a few subjects at the MK school, helping with some radio programming, and when time allows and she is needed she works at the Hospital of Hope, our mission hospital in Mango.

Andy and Amanda have 4 children – Nora, Silas, Lena, & Maeva. They are appointed as missionaries through ABWE and sent-out by Mill Road Baptist Church of Evansville, Indiana.

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