What We Do

Building relationships, serving others with the example of Christ.

At the invitation of of the government, ABWE has agreed to build a hospital.  The health conditions in West Africa are poor, at best.  The country is one of the poorest in the world, infant mortality rate is high, and disease in rampant.  In addition, ABWE is building a radio station to partner with the Hospital of Hope.  Our plan is to build relationships while ministering to the immediate needs of those in West Africa in order to share Christ and offer them something far longer lasting.

God’s given us skills and has called us to West Africa.  radio



Togo is a very narrow country.  We will be serving in the city of Mango where the three bordering countries are 60 miles or less from us.  (Ghana -10 miles , Benin -30 miles, and Burkina Faso -60 miles)  Through radio, we can reach beyond geographical borders to share great biblical truths that can change lives.  We are working with BBI to collect supplies and build and engineer a radio station in a Third World country.  Radio will provide a source of connection in the community, drawing new believers with follow-up discipleship.  Andy will specifically be working with the technical aspects of the radio station and then training local Togolese to reach out to their own people through the ministry of radio broadcasting.

The hospital is on schedule to open in 2015 and should draw in literally thousands with physical ailments from Togo and the surrounding countries.  The hospital includes a 43 bed surgical hospital, outpatient clinic, and community health and development programs.  The Hospital of Hope will supply medical care, compassion and the Gospel to a region within the 10/40 window.  Amanda’s main objective will be to do follow up home visits to women discharged from the hospital with the goal of building relationships and introducing Jesus.morningbath