Why It Matters

hopewomanTogo is comprised of more than 7 million people, more than 35 tribes all speaking different tribal languages.  The influence of Animism and Islam in conjunction with traditional tribal beliefs have molded together and dominate the lives of these very religious people.  Although parts of country have been evangelized there are still more than 70% that do not know Christ.  Many have never heard of Jesus, and many have added Jesus to their bag of religion.  True followers of Christ are rare and are frequently persecuted by family, friends and their community.

The need for evangelism and discipleship is overwhelming, a seemingly impossible task.  Yet, God chooses to use us to share the message of Hope.  The need is great.  The need is urgent.  And without the knowledge of the one true God, there is no escape from eternal punishment.

To most, Togo is a far-away place that exists in pictures.  But, in reality there are souls dying by the minute without eternal Hope.  The Message is life changing, and it matters.

Get involved in helping change lives in West Africa.

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