Friday, April 19, 2019
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Coveting Your Prayers Surrendering your life to do something you have no idea how to do seems a little tricky.  Since God has called us to this work, we must continuously seek after Him for guidance and encouragement.  Won't you be our prayer warrior?  Here some ways you can get involved!   Read the Full Story

In Transition



Africa Going Away Cake
Super excited about this awesome good-bye cake!


We have moved out of our house, and we find ourselves in transition.  Amanda completed her last day with the Vanderburgh County Health Department, and Andy's last day with Windstream is June 7th.  We are excited to begin our full-time pre-field ministry and be on our way to language school, but it is hard to leave our jobs that we love with people that we enjoy working with.  We are thankful that God has blessed us with jobs and co-workers that have supported us and prepared us in various ways for the ministries that we will have in Togo.

Upon hearing reports from the field that there is so much interest in Jesus and not enough people to work with them and help develop their faith toward Christ, our hearts simply ache.  How awfully wonderful is that feeling of being needed...then realizing we're not quite there yet.

We constantly thank God for all the fervent prayers and financial partnerships already formed.  Can we count on you to spread the word and join our team?  We need you behind us!

Twenty Four
We are stepping out in faith, leaving our jobs, and hoping to be on our way to language school soon.  We need 10 people to financially commit to$24/month to get us to our next required training in July.  If you've been considering partnering with us, now is the time!

Click here to sign up online and become part of our financial team.  Help get us to Togo!
Togolese Girls


-Housing provided 

-Moved out of our Edgewood home

-Opportunities to share about the ministry 

-Encouragement from prayer/financial partners

-Seeing God work in the lives of those around us

-One-time financial gifts (our Outfit & Passage fund is more than 75% funded!)


Prayer Requests:

-Patience with God's timing

-More opportunities to share about the ministry

-Increased financial partnerships

-That the multiple housing transitions go smoothly for us and the kids

-Wisdom as we continue our journey



We Gotta Go!

We were blessed to be a part of the IL MO ARBC Spring Meeting (April 1-2)

Nora's been completely potty trained for well over a year now.  Every once in a while she realizes that it's been a while since her last trip to the bathroom, and she makes a mad dash for the bathroom yelling all the way that she's "Gotta go NOW!".  We are at the point now that things are coming together and that's exactly how we feel.  We will be locking the door to our house for the last time this month and saying good bye to a lot of things.  We also find that we are in a financial position to both quit our jobs and commit to pre-field full time.  And, we are ready.  We have a few things lined up for the summer, and we pray that God continues to provide partnerships as we continue on in faith towards Togo.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and giving!


Twenty Four
Our house is selling, we are on the way to full-time prefield status, and things are moving quickly.   The urgency of moving forward is upon us, and the task is NOT impossible.  If all those who receive our updates who are not financially invested in this ministry would contribute $24 a month we would be fully funded and on our way.  Your contributions are tax deductible, and you can choose to give either monthly, quarterly, or annually.  So, what are you waiting for?  Join us in making an eternal difference and become a part of our Stateside team.  We'd love to have you! 




-Closing Date for house on Friday, April 5th

-Time with family over Easter weekend

-Safety as we have traveled

-Encouragement from prayer/financial partners

-Great people who have served as childcare providers in the different places we have visited

-Housing provided for the next few months

-Opportunities to share the ministry

-New financial partners!

-70% completion on the Mango Hospital


Prayer Requests:

-That the closing on the house goes well

-More opportunities to share about the ministry

-Increased financial partnerships

-Safety as we travel

-Wisdom as we continue our journey

-That the packing and moving goes smoothly




Work in Progress

Did you ever sing that song "He's still working on me, to make me what I ought to be"?  I learned it when I was little and it was fun to sing, but it is so much more true as I grow older.  The process of God working in my life is so much more evident than it was when I was 8 years old.

I recently posted this on facebook because when I logged on Facebook greeted me and said "What's on your mind?".  So, I decided to type what was on my mind.  Too incredibly long for a Facebook update, but I did it anyway.  And, now I'm going to post it here because it is the truth.  And, it is indeed evident that God is still working in my heart and life to make me "what I ought to be".  Hopefully when He's done I'll have a little reflection of Him in my life.

I like being independent, self-sufficient and not having to rely on others for help. The problem with this is that God has burdened our hearts to leave everything and do mission work in West Africa. God is humbling me as I have to ask others to help financially support us while we are overseas. I hate it. I wish I could just financially support myself -but I can't. I won't be allowed to work. I cry every time I find that someone has become financially invested in our mission. I am overwhelmed that they are part of what God is doing and that God is using us both in different ways. I am learning to understand that He gives me the opportunity to go, while He is giving others the opportunity to sacrifice financially and give. It's hard for me, but it's good for me. I'm posting a picture of our current financial status and ask that you please PRAY and if you feel burdened to become a part of our stateside team, let me know. And after I stop crying I'll call or write back. We serve an amazing God that chooses to work in incredible ways.

financial needs march2013


2,318 miles...

Kids in the car
Too much time in the car?

and still going. We are thankful for all the opportunities that we have had to share the ministry opportunities in Mango, Togo. It has been a blessing to hear how God is working in the lives of others as well. Along the way Nora keeps saying, “It's taking too long.” Andy replies, “Sometimes it takes a long time to get where you want to go.” This is so true with our journey to Togo. We often feel that “it's taking too long”, and the reality is that it sometimes takes a long time to get where you want to go. We are grateful for all the blessings that we see from God all along the way though!


Our committed support remains the same at this point. If you have been considering partnering with us financially, now would be an excellent time to do so. Please contact us with any questions you might have about this process.

Porch Swing
My Porch Swing

We were thrilled to hear that after 3 days back on the market, we received an offer on our house. I quickly read the purchase agreement in a hotel as we were leaving for church excited that God had answered our prayers. I saw they included our porch swing in the sale. As we climbed in the car and drove to church I started to cry. “God, I'm leaving my family and selling my house. Do I have to give up my porch swing, too?” So many wonderful memories with my swing. I love it. But, it's obvious God is working in my heart. Am I committed? Am I ready to give it all away to share the Message in Togo. The purchase agreement is signed – they get the swing. And, I pray that God continues to work in my life and I find myself growing in faith and learning to say good-bye. After all, it's just stuff and we are going to give them Jesus.



-We have an offer on our house, and have signed a purchase agreement!

-Opportunities to share about the ministry along our route

-Safety as we have traveled

-Encouragement from prayer/financial partners

-Wonderful hosts that have provided lodging and food along our route


Prayer Requests:

-That the sale of the house goes through without complications

-More opportunities to share about the ministry

-Increased financial partnerships

-Safety as we travel

-Wisdom as we continue our journey

Click here to partner with us.




Moving Forward

Lena Going Home
The newest member of the Togo North team - Lena Grace
Lena made her arrival on January 17th, and we've been busy ever since trying to make sure we don't lose momentum as we continue to make calls, schedule visits, and work on completing our Bible studies.

A few days before Lena was born, we were so encouraged to find ourselves surrounded by some of our ministry partners and hear the room filled with prayers on our behalf.  Words can't express how encouraging and humbling it is to hear so many people praying for you.  We are incredibly blessed to have such amazing prayer and financial partners!
road trip
Are we coming to a town near you?

March 1-11

We will be making a road trip visiting churches, families, small groups, and friends.

We'd love to add more stops to the trip, so let us know if we're going to be near you!

Knoxville, TN
Charlotte, NC
Huntsville, AL
Florence, AL
Hope, AR
Austin, TX
St. Louis, MO
Togolese boys
Praises & Prayers

- New financial partners
- Increase in O&P funds
- Encouragement from partners
- Healthy delivery
- Continued progress in Bible courses

- Opportunities to share the ministry
- Energy to keep up the pace
- Sale of the house
- Upcoming travel
Silas, Amanda, Nora & Andy
Reaching for Jesus

We have a "Jesus book" we read at night.  It's great with hand motions and pretending to do what is in the story.  Nora and Silas love it.  A few nights ago we pretended to be Mary & Joseph and walked around the house saying, "Jesus!  Where are you?" (Lk 2:44b)  When Silas did this he did it with both arms stretched up as if he were waiting for someone to pick him up.

Later that night when it was Silas' turn to pray before bed he stood up from the floor - (I opened my eyes to see what he was doing and if I should remind him he is supposed to sit and pray) and I watched as he lifted his arms to the sky and yelled "Jesus!  Jesus!  I love you, Jesus!  And apples and oranges!"  He kept going with such emotion it made me want to communicate with Jesus with the same kind of uninhibited passion.  I want to pray like a 2 year old: pour out my soul and not care what I look like doing it. And I want to pray with the faith of my 3 year old - but, that's a story for another day.  ~ amanda



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